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On a trip to Taiwan, we went into a shop selling local craft beers in a small alley at Tainan. We lost track of time as we listened to the stories of brewers, and how the flavours, ingredients and concepts reflected their culture and origin.

We realize that while our environment pushes us to constantly move fast and be goal oriented, life is exploration. It is about being present, courageous and enjoying the process.

There are lots of reasons liking a beer - the meticulous attention to detail, the story of the brand, or perhaps the magic of the moment. We are on a mission to bring the small and beautiful beers that have a story to tell, strike an impression, and simply take time to enjoy.

Yumm (yummy in English, 'drink' in Cantonese) is a motion in itself - marks the start of our journey and is always a process.

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